Why run the risk of flooding your home by leaving your outside tap unprotected from cold weather or unauthorised use.

The perfect answer is our outside tap cover which is an insulated exterior tap box which protects the tap, enhances your property and enables you to use your outside tap during the winter months. We also supply a Standpipe for those needing a free standing option.

Our durable wall mounted tap box is manufactured from prefabricated PVC coated steel.

Available in White, Black or Brown or available as galvanized finish.


An outside tap cover that is durable, practical and tidy.




                  Tap Box                             Standpipe.        Tap Box/A.Plate/Pipe cover 

  • Zinc Plated Plastic Coated Steel for durability.

  • Insulated to help protect against freezing during the winter. 

  • Latch can be locked to ensure authorised use only.

  • Complete with hose and fittings, enabling you to fill a bucket from underneath the tap box.

  • Enhances the visual appearance of your property.